About Secondary Images

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce Secondary Images, a company comprised of skilled engineers that have been trained to service and maintain scanning electron microscopes, and selected peripheral equipment. As mentioned in our Mission Statement, we have offered service on a daily basis, service agreements, and comprehensive maintenance programs during the last 35 years. Our service philosophy is to make repairs at the component level whenever practical to avoid replacement of expensive sub assemblies. We feel this technique minimizes the possibility of introducing new problems and keeps maintenance cost reasonable. We offer calibration traceable to NIST, vacuum system improvements along with service for specimen preparation equipment and specimen stages, vacuum pumps, evaporators and other support equipment.

Secondary Images is also a supplier of high quality reconditioned scanning electron microscopes as well as sample preperation equipment. All reconditioned instruments must pass a rigorous testing procedure to ensure dependable operation and high performance standards and are backed with a comprehensive Secondary Images warranty.

Secondary Images is the Midwest distributor of the Orion Digital Imaging System.

J. Clark Houghton is the technical director of Secondary Images. Through his 38 years experience with electron optics equipment we are able to bring you the exceptional service that our customers have come to expect.

Secondary Images